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Feeling overwhelmed as you care for aging parents, spouse, or other seniors who may be in poor health?  Or, maybe you’re a healthy senior, but should make a plan for your own future care needs?

If you are searching for answers to care for a parent, relative or friend over the age of 65; or, you want to make your own plan for the future, then this video could be one of the most important you watch this year.

Today, millions of Americans are struggling to care for aging parents or other relatives who don’t have all their “ducks in row” relating to vital, important information as it pertains to topics such as: emergency contacts, financial information, medical history, medications, living will, or power of attorney.  Do you have your “ducks in a row?”

Many seniors are healthy and living fulfilled lives; while others are struggling with situations such as health, financial and/or legal issues. Those that are in good health, however, may wonder how long this time will last? 5 years? 10 years?

Need Peace of Mind?

  • Wouldn’t it be great to know that all of the “ducks are in a row?”  In other words, all of the pertinent information is organized and in one place so that it can be easily accessed and assimilated?
  • If you’re a healthy senior, making some preparation in these matters can reduce the stress and allow your family to know what your wishes are before an emergency arises.
  • Maybe you’re on the other side of the fence dealing with an aging parent or relative that is in the midst of a financial or health struggle?  You wonder how to deal with these issues; while at the same time losing sleep at night; and/or have trouble focusing on your own family, and work, as you help your loved ones.
  • Perhaps you’ve delayed for far too long in bringing up these issues with your loved one; but now that you’ve decided to make the move, you’re not sure who to call, where to turn, or how to go about putting everything together.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

If this is you, then today for less than $50 (the average cost of dinner for two at a nice restaurant), you can bring some peace of mind to yourself, your loved ones and those around you. Yes, you can even sleep better tonight knowing that you can have important, pertinent information gathered together in one place.

Senior Care Concerns

See a Preview of the Senior Care Organizer

Enter – The Senior Care Organizer!

The Senior Care Organizer is a detailed resource and hands-on caregiving guide that lays out a ‘step-by-step’ plan describing what information to collect; then it provides a simple method for organizing topics by utilizing the alphabet (e.g., F for Finances).  Its “easy to use” approach simplifies the process for bringing the necessary details together. Using an interactive PDF format, information is filled in, easily revised, and printed out for storage in a notebook, and/or stored digitally on a computer.  In addition, the Organizer is available in a printed Notebook version, already set up with alphabetical tabs.  So, no matter where you are……..  or what version you use, you’ll be able to have ready access to the information.


L & M Devries
Tigard, Oregon

I have known Claudia Rumwell for a number of years and admired her commitment to helping others. When she mentioned the Organizer that had come from her own parental experience, I was intrigued. My Mom was in her late 80s and we needed to be prepared for the future. I attended the initial workshops and was amazed at the breadth of information. I started with a notebook for Mom and then did one for myself. The lists of medications, medical history, medical procedures and physicians was a challenge to complete, but has been invaluable as recently as November of 2013 when Mom broke her hip. We take the notebook with us to doctor’s appointments and we have also included completed wills, durable powers of attorney, Oregon Advanced directives and funeral arrangements to ours. I have recommended it to other family members, and highly recommend it to anyone over 50. It can save a lot of questions for your family in the future.

What you will find when you dig into the Senior Care Organizer…


  • Planning for the Future – What you should do first
  • Ways to Help the Seniors take their medication
  • What to Do if Your Parents Need to Move.
  • How to Deal with Financial Matters like banking
  • Ways to Document your wishes if you’re seriously ill
  • Help & Assistance for Veterans   
  • Where to Start Looking for Housing options
  • The Right Questions to Ask when hiring a care manager

In Addition to all of the above you’ll also Receive Access to the Following:

  • How to Find Financial Assistance
  • The Best Ways to Keep Track of Doctors, visits and medical records
  • How to Identify Signs that independent living is becoming more difficult
  • Simple Steps to Make a Senior’s Home Safer
  • The Basics You Need to Know about Medicare and Medicaid
  • How to Find the Agencies to Help Your Aging Loved One
  • Simple Tips on Organizing the Senior’s Files so you can find any record in under 2 minutes
  • How to Deal with Parents if they live at a distance from you

Your Guide to Peace of Mind is Here!

The Senior Care Organizer is packed with over 120 pages of Tips, Information, Worksheets, and more that you can put into use today! So if you are ready to bring some control back into your life, reduce your stress and sleep better at night knowing that your information and/or your loved one’s information is organized and taken care of so you won’t have to dig and search……..

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