Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The following are just some of the many questions answered in the Senior Care Organizer.

Long Distance Care

  • I live a great distance from my aging parents, I’m concerned about them living alone. What should I be doing?
    See pages 25, 84


  • My father needs more help, but can’t afford it. What kind of assistance can he get?
    See pages 41, 86
  • What do I need to pay bills and have access to my parents’ bank accounts?
    See pages 43, 113-116
  • Do I need specific authorization to handle my spouse’s Social Security check?
    See pages 121-122


  • Mom doesn’t remember to take all of her medications, how can we help her?
    See pages 100, 72
  • Any idea on how to organize my wife’s medications? Are their some safety pointers I should be checking on to be sure she’s safe?
    See pages 100-105

Planning for the Future

  • I want to get myself organized for possible future care issues. What should I do first?
    See page 9
  • How do I document what my wishes are if I become seriously ill and/or am dying?
    See page 70

Family Members

  • All of us siblings have different ideas about whether Mom and Dad are safe to stay in their home. Is there anyone who can give us some advice?
    See page 25
  • How can I make scheduling of appointments simpler for me and my siblings who take turns driving our parents to various appointments?
    See pages 106-107


  • Mom is in an Extended Care Facility, and it seems like a lot of her underwear gets lost when it’s laundered. Any ideas?
    See page 79

Finding Help

  • My Dad was a Veteran; is help available for long term care for him and Mom?
    See page 124
  • I’m 75 years old, in good health, but I don’t have anyone close by to help me move. Where can I find help?
    See pages 108-110
  • Where do I start looking for housing options for someone who needs assistance?
    See page 40
  • How do I find agencies within the county that may be useful for my aging parents and my Dad’s 85 year old sister? (e.g., meals, transportation)
    See pages 118-119
  • My husband needs help with bathing and dressing due to his Parkinson’s; how do I find a reputable Home Health Aide to help?
    See page 72


  • What does HIPAA, LTC, OT, PT and SCF mean?
    See the Glossary pages 63-70
  • What is hospice and what does it include?
    See pages 67, 78