About the Author

Claudia Rumwell

Claudia is an educator, author, nurse, and patient advocate and is uniquely qualified to be involved with those who are in their senior years. She loves people, but more importantly, has a special place in her heart for seniors.

As an expert in her field, and for the majority of her nursing career, Claudia was often presenting workshops and/or providing training to other medical personnel and physicians about the vascular field; along with publishing three books and multiple articles in the field of vascular disease.

She had the privilege of advocating for her own parent’s care for 12 years as their health needs changed and they moved from total independence, to assisted living, and finally to extended care. In addition, Claudia has volunteered her time to work with other seniors, as well as friends with aging parents who needed advice about “where to start” or “what to do” with respect to care needs. She has received unique perspectives from residents and employees of both assisted living and full time care locations. As a result of all of this, Claudia has shifted her focus to the area of senior care.

This “hands on” experience as a parent caregiver, which includes having had the opportunity to work with and learn from geriatric care managers, social workers, an elder law attorney, hospital discharge planners, and insurance providers, to name a few, inspired her to create The Senior Care Organizer. In addition to publishing and routinely updating the Organizer, Claudia is also providing consulting services and is involved in setting up senior care workshops that focus on various topics found in the Organizer. She enjoys personalizing the workshop to fit the need of the group she is presenting to or providing speakers for.