The Senior Care Organizer is a hands-on care and resource guide for managing and organizing senior adult care and/or to set up your own plan for the future.

WHY The Senior Care Organizer?

Aging is a natural transition in life. I believe in ‘preparing early to reduce the stress of future urgency;’ to know the answers before the questions come up in life’s transitions. Being organized is a key for successful aging. Being prepared won’t allow the future to dictate your life, or the life of someone you’re caring for. The Senior Care Organizer takes the stress out of one of life’s challenging transitions.

HOW The Senior Care Organizer works?

The Senior Care Organizer is not only a resource guide, but it also lays out a step by step plan describing what to collect first; then provides a simple method for organizing topics by utilizing the alphabet (e.g., F for Finances, M for Medical). Its “easy to use” approach simplifies the process for bringing the necessary details together. Using an interactive PDF format, information is filled in, easily revised, and printed out for storage in a notebook or stored digitally on a computer. How simple is that?

WHY do you need The Senior Care Organizer?

  • To bring some control back into your life by simplifying senior care planning and/or ongoing senior care.
  • To increase your efficiency (save you time) since you may already be busy caring for your parent or other senior adult, in addition to caring for your family and/or fulfilling job responsibilities.
  • To reduce your stress level – you already have a lot on your mind. After following the steps in the Organizer you’ll have what you need for emergencies or other care needs right at your fingertips.
  • To maximize your efforts in managing parent care if you must do it from a distance.
  • To personally be prepared for the future or for your own healthcare emergency.
A Note From the Author:
I did not have an Organizer to begin with. It came together over all the years I cared for my parents. Once I collected the main items, I basically revised information as needed. The best plan I could think of for maintaining my sanity, staying organized (I’m a detail-nut) and keeping track of everything, was to put all the information into a notebook. That notebook went everywhere with me and if you saw it, you would see how worn out it became.

For me, the Organizer notebook was absolutely necessary when caring for my parents. Why do I think you should have it? Because now you won’t have to start from scratch – you will benefit from my mistakes as well as from the new knowledge I gained along the way and continue to acquire. In other words, “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” Who has time to do that? And you know what? My husband and I have set up an Organizer for ourselves so that each of us knows about the other; and our sons won’t have to figure it all out some day if/when we need help. Having that done really is a big relief for us and for them. And with minimal investment of time and money, you can experience that same feeling of relief; whether it is for yourself; or as you care for your parents, spouse or other senior.